Friday, March 25, 2011

Fun things

A quickie:

 Why fun things in mmo get nerfed? Recent example:
-It was fun as hell blowing crap up with sabo
-It was equally fun (even more so) raping face herp derping people in 3 gcds as a champ
-It was fun grabbing 10 mobs and aoe em as reaver/rb spec

Of course we know the answer but perhaps making everyone ridiculously fun is better approach  than making everyone.... erm... nerfed

Take TF2 for example - damn its fun get medic buff and face rape people as heavy. Fun as a demo to throw crap ton of bombs and blow half enemy team up. Fun as a sniper head shot the the medic who has his uber charged and then 2 sec later  snipe his heavy buddy.

Or older example - Counter Strike  - fun is  blast away people with awp in split second precision in sniper duel. Or get that lucky deagle HS vs assault rifle. Or  get behind enemy team and "surprize butseckz"  them with silenced M4 headshots.

It was fun  to saw death and destruction from vehicles in  BF2 , Planetside and so on. God OP THINGS ARE FUN. Make everything OP!

But but that would work since people would  kill big bad arthas/onyxia/whatver in 10 sec flat straight. I blame damn pve and carebears :)

Not to self : consider seriously mmo combat design which are pure unnerfed fun.Overpowered as hell,  full of ridiculous crits, 1 hit wonders and  and exploding bodies. No CC whatsoever -just pure dynamics , positioning and cool looking animations and skills

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